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If you can’t come to Paris, Paris can come to you!

What is Paris at Home? Many people love Paris. Did you know that Paris is the most visited city in the world? But there are also Paris lovers who unfortunately cannot come to the City of Light for many reasons. That's why I had the idea of bringing Paris to your home. I first wrote my Paris Memoirs to share my beloved city with you. I titled my book ‘Parisian Life, Adventures in the City of Light’. If you read my book, I hope you enjoy it. If you speak French, you can also read my other book in French about the great inspiring Parisian women from the past “Belles et Rebelles” During confinement, I realized that thanks to the Internet and Zoom, Francophiles around the world could put a little Frenchness into their lives. So If you want to know more about French culture we could exchange online on everything related to the history of France, French literature, the history of French gastronomy, and the role of cafes in Paris because I love Parisian cafes.

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