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" I want

share my passion for these extraodinary, inspiring women"

A few words about Edith

My name is Edith, as in Edith Piaf, and I was born in Paris in the neighborhood of Belleville, like my namesake.

Let me tell you the story of why I became a guide in this beautiful city that I adore.


For more than 20 years I worked as a lawyer but I wanted to study about my passion , Paris and it's incredible history. So  decided to be lawyer in the week and guide in the week-end .But I wanted to become a real guide, a professional, licensed guide like the ones you would find at Le Louvre or Le Chateau de Versailles.


At 50 years of age, I returned to University with the goal of receiving my "Licence de Guide Conférencière". This was not easy! But it was worth all my hard work because I studied the history of art, of France and of Paris as well as the history of French literature.

Actually, I knew a bit of the history of French Literature because

I had already been licenced to teach French literature to foreigners studying the French language. Marcel Proust, Madame de Sevigne, Baudelaire and Zola were no longer strangers to my students.

As a Parisienne, I have always been interested in the stories of other Parisiennes from the past such as Christine de Pisan, Madame de Montespan, Josephine de Beauharnais, George Sand and Sarah Bernhardt. I don't know if you are familiar with these women but they are all incredibe!

With the help of my Parisien editeur, I was able to publish my book and share my passion for these extraodinary, inspiring women to whom I dedicated my book "Belles et Rebelles".


I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you and helping you to discover the true Paris and the fabulous stories of it's inhabitants of years gone by.

Oh, one more thing.... I also tell jokes in French, English and Spanish!


Okay, that's it....I hope to meet you soon!  

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