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My Paris Memoirs

I’m happy to introduce you to my Paris Memoirs called ‘Parisian Life’.

What is my book about ?

When your best girlfriend is Coco Chanel, your life can't be too dull. When your enemy is Napoléon, your life can't be too ordinary either. And when you are flirting with Hemingway at the Ritz bar in Paris, even your love life is glamorous. This is the fabulous and real life in the City of Light of Edith de Belleville, a native Parisian who is in love with the past, art, and extravagance. Edith's frank and charming style brings Paris vividly to life--its charm, its idiosyncrasies, its cafés, and its glorious ghosts from the past. This collection of short stories is for anyone who loves Paris--the history, the romance, the culture--and who dreams of Parisian life.

About me :

I'm a licensed tour guide in Paris, an attorney-at-law, and an author. I  published a book in French about inspirational Parisian women from the past, “Belles et Rebelles, à l’ombre des grandes Parisiennes” (Editions du 81). When I'm not at Versailles or the Orsay Museum, I'm sitting on a café terrace in Paris, enjoying a café crème and watching the world go by.

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What readers say about Parisian Life

‘Paris has always been my favorite city in the world. It holds a place in my heart like no other place, as though I lived a past lifetime there. After reading this book, I can't wait till I return. And when I stand on that magical bridge with the man I love, once again, I will think of Edith and her wealthy CEO.... and wonder. If you love the romance of Paris, the City of Light, you will love this book as much as I did.’

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