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The Jewish Marais

Did you know that France has the third-largest Jewish community in the world? After Israel and the United States, France is the country where around 500,000 Jews live. Join Edith de Belleville in the charming cobbled streets of the Marais and savor the flavors of Ashkenazi and Sephardic specialties. She will tell you about the life of Jews in Paris, from the Middle Ages to the dramatic events of the 20th century. Edith de Belleville is a Parisian with Ashkenazi roots. She taught the Jewish heritage of Paris at the Paris-Est-Marne-La-Vallée University to future licensed tour guides. She produces webinars on “The Dreyfus Affair: The political scandal that shook France” for a New- York club. Edith also organizes guided tours about Jewish artists in Paris for a French Jewish Cultural Center (ECUJE). She wrote her university dissertation on “The Looting of Jewish Paintings in France during the Second World War”. Edith also studied Hebrew and Yiddish.


Edith's tour of Jewish Paris past reflects her sense of history and place. Be prepared to understand the expensive comings and forced departures of Jews from France. You will be charmed by Edith's personality and informed by her intellect.

— Douglas from Usa

Tour duration: 2h

Walking itinerary in Le Marais district :
- Rue des Rosiers with the Jewish bakeries and delicatessen
- Outside Two 19th century Synagogues ( not inside )
- Outside Shoah Memorial ( I can go inside with you but be aware that guided visits are not authorized as silence is expected in a Memorial )
-A 30-minute break in an authentic Paris café where I'll tell you more.

If you want to visit the Jewish Museum with me, I'd be more than happy but the visit would be longer so please contact me.
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Also available in French and Spanish
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