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Paris Writer’s Workshop

Do you want to write a fiction that takes place in Paris? Or a love story in France during the Second World War? Or a detective novel set in La Belle Epoque Paris?

Then I can help you! I can help you make your story more believable and realistic. I can help you add relevant French historical facts to your fiction.

How can I help you?

I won't help you write your book. You're the writer and you don't need me. But like you, I'm also an author and I know how difficult it is to write. I have written two books. One in French on the great Parisians of the "Belles & Rebelles" (editions of 81) and a book in English "Parisian Life" in which I have fascinating conversations with Marie-Antoinette, Coco Chanel, and Napoleon.
If your story takes place in Paris or France you will quickly realize that it is very useful to be able to set up a credible geographical and historical context if you want people to like your story. As a native Parisian, I can help you make your French characters or the Parisian atmosphere more realistic and authentic. Your readers will feel like they are strolling the cobbled streets of romantic Montmartre or will get chills at the idea of ​​finding themselves alongside an unsympathetic serial killer in a dark Montparnasse police station.


As a qualified tour guide in Paris, I can explain to you the geography of Paris and the complex history of France I also teach French History at the University. I teach a course on “Then Jewish Heritage of Paris from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century” at the University of Paris - Gustave Eiffel. 
I also completed three University dissertations: “ Paintings looted from Jews in France during the Second World War”, "How Paris Shaped Hemingway" and "Coco Chanel’s Paris".

I have helped successful American writers write about Paris during the time of Louis XIV, Paris under German Occupation during World War II, and Paris during the May 1968 protests.

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