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Coco Chanel’s Paris

Who doesn't know Coco Chanel?

No one.

This name has become synonymous with French luxury and elegance. But behind this world-famous brand hides a woman who is much less smooth than one might imagine. There is a lot of mystery with Coco Chanel. Was she a spy paid by the Nazis or not? Did she have a romantic relationship with the musician Stravinsky or not?
How did she manage to move from the orphanage to the Ritz? Discover the incredible destiny of this courageous self-taught woman.

The woman behind the symbol.


"Un agréable après-midi d'été instructif et amusant.

Je le conseillerai à mes amis

— Luiza, de Melbourne

Tour duration : 2h
with a 30 minutes break in an authentic Parisian Café. (beverages are not included)
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Also available in French and Spanish
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