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How Paris Invented Hemingway ?

Les Années Folles
Hemingway and Paris... the longest romance of Hemingway's life !
Hemingway arrived in the City of Light an unknown and he left a beloved writer known througout the world.
Following in his footsteps, we will drink coffee where Hemingway had breakfast, stroll to the bar where Hemingway first encountered Fitzgerald.
We will discover how Paris created the Myth of Hemingway, whose power has never waned. You may think that you know the Hemingway story but no !
There are delicious secrets to discover as we wander the nostalgic streets of the artists and writers of the Lost Generation. 
Also available in French and Spanish
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"Edith la barmaid vous sert un excellent cocktail de divertissement et de culture. Avec un zeste de citron et une pincée d'épices. "

— Alex, de Pise

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